I started to play drums at the age of 6 and was soon performing with my older brother and sister as a cabaret act for my parents dance band. We went on to appear on TV and radio as a trio, and then i started to teach myself guitar at the age of 13. I earnt myself a reputation as a multi-instrumentalist and began performing with lots of local bands. This then moved into recording and I soon developed a relationship with various producers and studios calling me to come in for sessions on various instruments.

Nowadays my work has me playing guitar, drums and bass with bands and different projects. It all depends on the music and what is required. Some times I’ll work on a project playing all three instruments which is pretty cool when I get the chance. This website is here to give information to anyone who’s interested in finding out about me, seeing what I’ve done, and hearing some snippets of my work.

…And what do I do??

I’ve been writing and performing music on various things, and with various people. This is the stuff you might recognise, not to mention some great bands I’ve had the good fortune to play with and other recording I’ve done for television and also other artists.

TV WorkTelevision soundtrack work
Have recorded a whole host of soundtrack and library work for most major terrestrial and satellite networks.
Cannes Film FestivalCannes Film Festival
(Guitar) – Classical guitar piece for theme tune and incidental music for a film shown at Cannes 2001 film festival and released in 2003 for cinema and television
Angel WitchAngel Witch
(Drums) – 80’s/90’s Heavey Metal Band who are back on the road, covered them while they were inbetween drummers
Guitarist Of The YearGuitarist Of The Year
(Guitar) -‘Guitarist of the year’ for Guitarist magazine at the NEC Birmigham. Also was given a guitar by Peavey… which was nice! (
Mariah CareyMariah Carey
(Guitar) – Played on TV appearances to promote her single release for a few different programmes while in England
Pop IdolsPop Idols – Germany
(Guitar) – Tour of Germany with the Pop Idols German version, called Superstars over there. They had a multi million selling number 1 album in Germany, tour filmed for RTL television channel, also DVD to be released. All arena gigs for the 19 management group who own the Pop Idols brand worldwide.
Le Latchford EvansLee Latchford Evans – Steps
(Guitar / Bass) – Called in to do guitars and co-write with Lee Latchford Evans and producer Chaz DaBat (keyboards for Culture Club). After meeting Lee and I put together a band and wrote and played all around England
We Will Rock YouWe Will Rock You – MiG
(Guitar / Songwriting) – After a few days up at the ‘We Will Rock You’ show met up with Mig (Miguel Ayesa) who is playing the lead in the show. Have been co-writing material with him for his solo project
Peter AndrePeter Andre
(Guitar) – played on new tracks for Peter Andre’s upcoming material he was working on
(Songwriting & playing everything!!) – Working with Glenn Ball from chart band ‘Pop’ on new tracks for both him and for him to present to his band.
Brian MayBrian May
(Songwriting / Guitar / Bass) – Working with Brian May from the legendary Queen, producing tracks Miguel Ayesa and I have been writing. Brian was one of my major influences as a guitarist and musician so it was truly a dream come true to be able to work with him…….. which is somewhat understating it!! An amazingly kind and gentle guy who was a lot of fun to chat with. Some incredible stories of his years on the road.
Rick Parfit JnrRick Parfitt Jnr – Girl
(Songwriting & Guitar) – writing material for new band Girl fronted by Rick Parfit Junior, son of legendary guitarist from Staus Quo. Also on drums and doing the producing is Jasper Irn, Faye Tozer’s (ex Steps) husband, and a friend.
INXS RockstarINXS – Rock Star
(Guitar) – Appearing with Miguel Ayesa for the INXS Rockstar programme playing at Shepherds Bush Empire and meeting up with INXS
Song For EuropeMalta – Song for Europe
(Arranger, Guitar, Bass ) – Worked on the Eurovision entry for Malta…. Ah, it’s all in a days work
B*WitchedB*Witched – Keavy and Edele
(Guitar / Band MD) – Working with Keavy and Edele who previously were with girl pop band ‘B*Witched’ on their new solo project ‘Ms. Lynch’. Acting as md (musical director) and guitarist for their live band and working in the studio as well for them
The LatchThe Latch – Miracle
(Guitar / Drums / Bass / Programming and Co-producer) – Lee and I put out our debut single for ‘The Latch’ called ‘Miracle’. I’ve put the video on the media page.
10 Dead MenTrack Miracle on film Ten Dead Men
(Guitar / Drums / Bass / Programming and Co-producer) – Theme track and our track Miracle was included on the soundtrack for the Film Ten Dead Men from UK independent genre specialists Modern Life. A martial arts film shown at Cannes and guaranteed a 5 million DVD distribution worldwide….. which was nice!
MiGMiG – New Single
(Guitar / Drums / Bass / Writing / Keys and Co-producer) – Recorded MiG’s new single at my studio. Single to be released later this year in the States. Was great to be working back together again. More collaborations planned… sweeeeeet!
Adam ChandlerAdam Chandler – X Factor
(Guitar / Drums / Bass / Keys / Writing and Producer) – Adam was one of the finalists in ITV’s X-Factor programme. Happened to meet Adam through work and after chatting did some writing and it turned out pretty good… Wrote and recorded new material for him to release.
Ziggi BakerZiggi Baker – New Album
(Guitar / Drums / Bass / Writing / Programming and Producer) – Ziggi’s been writing in a writers co-op for ages and previously signed on various labels. Having decided to release an album I was approached by her record company to co-write, and produce Ziggi’s new album due out next year which coincides with her book. Will be touring dates at that point too.
(Drums) Was recruited as part of a band for a promo link up with German TV while she was on tour in the UK. Strange but interesting experience!
Adam Wakeman
(Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Production, Composer) – Adam who plays keys for Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Take That, Annie Lennox, Travis, Will Young and Atomic Kitten to name but a few is not only an extraordinary musician, composer and all round good guy in his own right, but is also the son of legendary Rick Wakeman. Adam owns a music library company and I’ve written, recorded and played on many albums for his ‘Perfect Music Library’ and collaborations with him.
Peter CoxPeter Cox – Go West
(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Writing, Production) – We recorded 3 entries for the Norwegian Eurovision song contest. Amazing vocalist, amazing talent and one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. A real joy to work with and hang out playing guitar with… He’s as mad as me about guitars and a great player himself to boot. Spent many-a-evening chatting about all things stringy!
Tony HadleyTony Hadley
(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Writing, Production) – Along with my writing partner Phil Williams, have been involved in writing new material for Tony Hadley’s forthcoming album.
Sam SmithSam Smith – BRIT award winner 2014
(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Writing, Production) – I played on some of Sam’s material with his first record label V&M records a few years back. Now that Sam has won a BRIT award they are releasing that material and also asked me to co-produce and remix some of the original material expected to be released later in 2014
Sam Smith - The Lost TapesSam Smith – The Lost Tapes
(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Writing, Production) – Album released in 2015.
Matt LeBlancMatt LeBlanc – Man With A Plan
(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Writing, Production) – My tracks were used for this CBS Matt LeBLanc sitcom series.
Les Binks' PriesthoodLes Binks’ Priesthood
(Guitar) – Les Binks was a legendary drummer with Judas Priest and I was recruited on guitar by Les for his touring show, performing his era of Judas Priest classic metal.
Russell GilbrookUriah Heep
(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Writing, Production) – I’ve been writing and recording new tracks with Russ Gilbrook from Uriah Heep, for their next upcoming album celebrating 50 years in the business.
Tonight Show With Jimmy FallonThe Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
One of my tracks has been regularly used for a show segment.
Uriah Heep – Chaos and Colour
(Co-writer) – Collaborating with Russ Gilbrook from Uriah Heep, we got four tracks on the new album. You can find the original demos here :-
Uriah Heep – Chaos and Colour original demos
Carl Sentance – Nazareth / Don Airey
Engineered Russ Gilbrook who recorded drums at my studio for Carl’s upcoming album.
Paul Di’Anno – Ex – Iron Maiden
Mix engineer for a new version of Wrathchild and Remember Tomorrow for Paul’s upcoming Best Of Album.